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About Way of the Sacred

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Way of the Sacred Mystery School is a powerful, inspirational team of  Master Teachers, Healers, Priestesses and Conscious Sing-Songwriters,  led by Deva Sophia Grace. They bring sacred teachings, ceremony, healing and empowering experiences and Spirit-inspired music to awaken and assist the Ascension.

Way of the Sacred intertwines their original, conscious music and sacred songs from around the world with sacred ceremony, calling forth an awakening and shift of consciousness. Bringing the community together in celebration, prayer and sacred song, they remember the wisdom of our ancestors, honor our connection to Nature and the Spirit World, while balancing the energies of the Divine Feminine and Masculine within each individual, the community and the Collective Consciousness.


Within transformative experiences, workshops and retreats, they facilitate programs designed to heal the wounded masculine and ignite the Sacred Feminine, encouraging  the individual to reclaim their innate wisdom, power and true nature. 

Way of the Sacred's complete album of conscious music, is a ceremony within an album of Spirit-channeled songs and prayers meant to uplift and inspire the listener and assist in the remembrance of their true nature. 
Check out the new album, "Flowing in the Mystery













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About Deva Sophia Grace

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