• Sharon Silverstein

Life Through a Broken Camper Window

Happy New Year and numerous blessings for cultivating the life you wish for! I had been traveling across country for the past few months and finally landed in Las Vegas to visit with family for the holidays. The day after News Years, I was taking Big Body Benz (BBB) A.K.A my 25ft RV for a scheduled service and to get my new Nevada driver’s license. I road my bicycle to the storage unit where I was keeping my BBB. I was greeted by a broken camper window. Someone through a stone from the street and broke her window.

Now, I know I have been sharing this “Life Through A Camper Window” series with you and I did not realize that this event would give me a window of

opportunity for spiritual growth. I saw all the broken glass and a big rock on the ground next to the passenger door. I felt the pure vulnerability of having my home vandalized and being a victim. My day took a different turn than expected. I spent it cleaning up the broken glass, filing a police report and calling my insurance company.

As a child, I grew up on a small farm in Old Bridge, NJ. I had many chores that developed skill sets. I learned how to shovel stones, milk goats, feed a variety of animals, pull nails out of boards and chop firewood. I also had the experience of building a two-car garage with my stepfather and brother, rebuilding a 1967 Mustang, fixing and riding motorcycles and more. At the time I was resentful that I did not have a childhood like my friends. They could play for hours but I had to complete my chores before I was allowed to play. My chores took most of the day, so there was very little time to play.

When my window was broken, I felt like a victim to the vandalism and the one thing that shifted this feeling was to take action and repair the window myself. I felt all these skill sets coming to me with ease and I was now grateful for what my childhood chores taught me. I no longer feel like a victim because these skills allowed me to step into my power and take care of myself.

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