• Sharon Silverstein

Life Through A Camper Window, Part 3

There are many windows of opportunity and each one has its adventures with consequences. So, how do we choose? I choose by how it feels. I feel into the choice and if it feels in alignment with my integrity and self-love then, so it is. It might bring up uncomfortable feelings for me or the other person when the choice is put into action but that can be the growth needed. It is all there to be seen, heard and healed. This also can be an opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with gratitude. Gratitude is the birth place for knowing I am enough. I like using the word enough because the opposite of scarcity is not abundance, it is enough-ness. Abundance is the place from which all things manifest and my spirit is that abundance. I have enough and I am enough in this physical world. I trust and have faith that I am taken care of at all times and all that I want shows up exactly on time. I have been traveling in the Big Body Benz (RV) since March of 2017 and I have seen many landscapes from the East coast to the West. Being out West in the desert for an extended period of time has given me the experience of the dry and sometimes barren landscape. I felt the call to be by water, so I traveled to Sedona where the Oak Creek flows and the tall Ponderosa Pines and Junipers gave me the nurturance my body was seeking. I felt the abundance of energy flow into my body and open my heart with so much love. I began to cry tears of gratitude. The absence of something can sometimes give us an appreciation of it. I am grateful for all the relationships formed on my travels. The connections and love shared at kirtans, performances, retreats and workshops. The friendships that formed and the connections with friends and family grew in this safe container of love. I am so grateful for the Circle of Sacred Sisters and Brothers that are on the East and West coast. The deep connection of love was formed because we all were willing to be vulnerable and share our stories without judgments. We hold each other in this sacred, safe container where we can grow into the best possible powerful, self-loving people. I truly believe we are all looking for the same things, love and connection.

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