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Sharon Silverstein is Keeper of the Temple of Tones and Priestess of Way of the Sacred. She holds space with sacred sound so that the Divine Feminine may come into physical form in retreats and workshops with Way of the Sacred. Sharon is a Master teacher with 30 years of experience. She is a Certified Music Teacher BM, Reiki Master, Certified Sound Yoga Practitioner, Founder and Director of Living At Peace, LLC, Yoga Instructor, Kirtan Leader, Spiritual Life Coach and professional Sound Healer using sound and music in a powerful way to assist clients and students to break through energetic blockages, activate and clear the chakra system, heal past trauma and to realize their true potential. 

"Sharon is incredibly gifted at what shes does. Her Sound Healing experience far exceeded any expectation we had. Lying in the magical red rock setting surrounded by beautiful resonating sound, I was transformed to a place of calm contentment. If you really want to experience the magic of the Sedona red rocks in a unique way, Sharon's Sound Healing session should be on your list."


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Sedona Sound Healing In The Energy

 Healing With Drum Medicine



Sharon is the creator of the program, "Sound Foundations™," a program using sound designed to activate and align the subtle body's energetic system. 


Sharon is also a passionate music teacher, empowering her students to find their self expression through singing and playing various instruments such as the frame drum, harmonium, djembe, guitar and Native American Flute. 


Sharon is a professional musician and singer/songwriter who has previously recorded three albums of conscious music, the latest entitled, "Octave of Love." Currently she co-writes and performs conscious music and lyrics with Deva Vidya  Shambala for Way of the Sacred

“ If you love authentic music, listen to Sharon Silverstein’s new album ‘Octave of Love’. The combination of her roots as a Western Folk/Rock singer with her ever-evolving love affair with Eastern mysticism makes for a compelling musical brew and uplifting spiritual journey.”
~ GuruGanesha-Devotional Musician and Mantra Hipster


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