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Deva Sophia Grace

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"I was truly amazed by her gifts and what I was able to release. I had no idea what I was holding onto until I felt it dissolve. The shift was profound. I felt a lightness I had never felt before. I felt more free and able to fill myself up with positive energy and love. My vibration is higher thanks to that one session with Deva. To say I have been transformed, is an understatement. She is a gorgeous light worker inside and out." ~ Emily C. 

Deva Sophia Grace is High Priestess of Way of the Sacred and a Master Spiritual Growth Teacher.  As a channel she brings the Divine Feminine into physical form. She is a Multidimensional, Intuitive Healer and Seer; a trained and certified Reiki Master/Teacher and an Access Consciousness Facilitator. She guides her clients to healing, self-empowerment, balance and re-alignment, accessing the multidimensional parts of Self with Shamanic Journey, high vibrational Sound Healing and Light Language.


Deva is also the published author of Awaken, Priestess! and the creator of its accompanying CD of the same name which encourages the reader/listener to reclaim her innate power and wisdom. 


Deva writes and performs conscious music and lyrics for Way of the Sacred  who released an album of Spirit-inspired music entitled, "Flowing in the Mystery."  Deva has recently released a channeled album, "Codes of Light" which is comprised of high vibrational, tonal frequencies which transmit energy through her voice activating healing, transformation and ascension.

As a Master Teacher with over 25 years of experience, Deva leads retreats, workshops and programs designed to teach the sacred ways of many different cultures and how we can incorporate these ancient traditions in our own spiritual practices leading to a deeper connection with the Divine. With the experience she received studying with Native American Elders & Peruvian Shamans, Deva leads sacred ceremony infused with celebration, prayer and sacred song, activating our remembrance of the wisdom of our ancestors while honoring our connection to Nature & the Spirit World which in turn offers healing in body, emotions, mind & spirit.


Deva has led mantra circles and kirtans, taught yoga and facilitated energy healing workshops since 2004. She is the creator of Primal Yoga, Goddess Yoga, Shape Shifting Yoga and Earthly Elements Yoga.  

~ Deva's Resume ~


Work with Deva and Awaken Your True Nature

Intuitive Healings-Incorporates an intuitive channeled message, a hands on energy transfer and a transmission of channeled Light Language. Other modalities may include clearing of unwanted energies, Shamanic Journey, Crystal, Essential Oils and Sound Healing. $275. (Sessions are 1.5 to 2 Hours) Phone Sessions or In-person Sedona Sessions ~ Email HERE

Spiritual Guidance and Mentoring -Divinely guided insight and advice, identifying and transforming limited belief systems and self sabotaging behaviors into self love and empowerment. Phone Sessions or In-person Sedona Sessions  $275.  (sliding scale may be available) Sessions are 1.5 to 2 Hours ~ Email HERE

Intuitive Readings-Using a variety of oracle cards, Deva works with Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters to divine the energy surrounding current situations and the best approach to take. $125. for 30 minutes​​​ $222. for an hour~ Email HERE


Angel Sound & Speak -A unique Angel Healing working with high vibrational sounds, tonations and guided visualization working directly with your Guardian Angels and Family of Light.  Phone Sessions or In-person Sedona Sessions $275. (aprox 1.5) Email HERE

Cord Cutting/Aura Cleansing/Chakra Balancing: Clearing and removing negative, low vibrational energy and removing energetic cords that may be draining energy; realigns unbalanced chakras. $275.~ Sedona Sessions click HERE

Access Bars® Sessions (Running the Bars®)-Hands on healing that can release deeply in-bedded limitations and blocks in the area of your life hat corresponds with the specific Bar being touched. This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change.  $275. (Sessions are 1.5 to 2 Hours) ~ Sedona Sessions Click HERE


Private Reiki Training- Private Lesson &  Attunement: Levels 1 or 2  $444. Level 3/ Master Level $555. ~ Email HERE

Wedding Officiation, Rites of Passage, Baby Blessing Ceremony, Cacao Ceremony - Deva Vidya officiates sacred ceremony for individuals, couples and groups. Rites of Passage may include: Coming of Age, Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone. $555. ~ Email HERE

Deva's book: Awaken, Priestess!

and the accompanying CD

Purchase  HERE

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"Deva is the real deal! She is very powerful and gave me the personalized guidance I was looking for. The crystal bowls in combination with the angelic light language had my entire body pulsating. I will carry this experience along with her channeled message from the angels home with me. My energy definitely shifted during this experience and I will most definitely book with her again next time I am in Sedona." ~ Nicole


"This was an absolutely incredible experience that went beyond my expectations. Deva is extraordinarily gifted and with heavenly assistance, addressed all my intentions for healing in just one visit! I feel lighter, free and more solidly grounded within myself, comfortable in my own skin. She brought to me Remembrance and Sacred healing that anchored in all my cells and activated my own gifts. I highly recommend her and will definitely be returning!!!" ~ Gariella

"Deva Vidya has a unique and rare gift to intuitively locate, unblock and allow for a release of the energy 
that no longer serves. In addition, there is an emotional, physical and mental release that happens during 
the Light Language activation which moved me to tears. After Deva’s healing session I felt lighter, calmer, 
more centered and grounded. My heart center felt expanded which allowed me to be more 
compassionate and empathetic toward myself and others. I highly recommend Deva as a healing 
practitioner for anybody ready to move forward from trauma."​ ~ Anita

"Deva provided a safe and beautiful space for this powerful healing experience. She held space for us as she led on this deeply personal and moving  journey. Deva is the real deal and I’m very grateful for this healing experience." ~ Holly 

"This experience with Deva was more than I had even imagined it could be. The experience itself was extremely powerful. Deva's soothing voice and powerful meditation tools allowed me to go deep within to receive very powerful messages from my spirit guides and from myself. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone looking to really go within and begin healing from the inside out." ~ Stacey

This shamanic journey was seriously a life changing experience for me... She is an amazing healer and shaman! Very special being! Thank you Deva!" ~ Tina

"After going through the journey I emerged with a deep internal focus that helped remind me of my passions and my purpose. It also helped me to deal with many negative things that plagued my subconscious." ~ Austin

"Deva is an extremely intuitive and supportive healer... She supported me and guided me through and provided so much information for following through on the healing. I would recommend her to anyone not sure about healing because she really listens and creates an individual plan." ~ Paresh

"Deva is a genuine, caring, talented healer! I went into this experience with intentions of being physically healed and left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. But I had no idea how much her healing was going to help improve my connection with my husband too! That was an added bonus. I highly recommend using her services for any healing process you may need. She makes you feel very at ease! "  ~ Carrie

"Deva has a very real and unique talent.. I was a bit skeptical about this experience yet went in excited and with an open mind. I was blown away by my spiritual experience that she led me through. I felt safe, connected, and left with so much healing and insight I have never experienced before! " ~ Roxanne

"It was the most powerful shamanic meditation I’ve ever experienced. She is an authentic and talented sacred shaman and had an excellent way of treating us with gentle and intelligent communication."  ~ Ashley

"Deva is a master in what she does and I encourage anyone on their spiritual path to book a Shamanic Journey with her." ~ Tamara

"Deva is a great healer. I had no idea what I was walking into. She took me to a whole new world where I met my my inner being . The whole body - mind conjunction, meeting my spirit guides, the release and the relaxation was wonderful. She has a lovely soothing voice that keeps you moving gently into the realm. It’s worth an experience. I do feel lighter and happier." ~ Ayaan


"Deva is the real deal…she led a beautiful experience for all to feel a sense of connection to a stronger force. I luckily experienced a physical, emotional, spiritual awakening through her guided journey, in which I was not expecting. Her authenticity and passion shines through and this was
100% the highlight of my trip to Sedona." ~ Laura


"I really appreciated this experience. Everything about Deva is personable and she has the beautiful ability to connect to others in a profound meaningful way. She embodies the Shamanic "spirit" and knows how to extract the essence of what people go to Sedona to connect with the divine vortex energy that this place naturally has. The journey she took me on felt personalized and I was left feeling positive, energized and inspired. I recommend working with Deva and I would definitely work with her in the future for other spiritual needs and wants." ~ Robert


"Deva is truly exceptional in her gifts. Having never been on a shamanic journey before, I didn't quite know what to expect. Our session was perfectly tailored and delivered with pure authenticity. Each of us was given the opportunity to share and take part in something truly magical." ~ Clarissa


"Deva has a gorgeous voice that helped us along the an inspiring woman who made our meditation personal and meaningful." ~ Misti


"This was the last experience of our West Coast family vacation, and basically the Holistic Cherry on Top: My daughter had some true healing, my son a soon to come awakening, my wife a connection with her grandmother, and I an affirmation of my spiritual journey. Deva is authentic, personable, and absolutely has wonderful energy." ~ Onel


"Deva's journey experience was very profound for me. I’ve participated in many journeys, but this longer one allowed for one of my guides and for the first time, my higher self, to come through. This gave me the additional courage I was searching for to go forward in my new life. I highly recommend this sacred experience to all. " ~ Tammy


"Deva is a true healer! She has Amazing gifts! I loved everything about my healing journey with her, especially the light languages that she was chanelling during my journey. It gave me chills all over my body, I deeply felt it and even cried. Beautiful. Thank you!" ~ Annah


"Deva has a very real and unique talent..I was a bit skeptical about this experience yet went in excited and with an open mind. I was blown away by my spiritual experience that she led me through. I felt safe, connected, and left with so much healing and insight I have never experienced before! absolutely 5 star experience and hope to meet again!" ~ Roxanne


"A friend and I booked a shamanic journey with Deva last week and I was absolutely blown away. I was skeptical about seeing a shaman but my dear friend really wanted to go so I was happy to join her and try it out. The moment I met Deva I liked her. She has a wonderful, warm presence and grace. The three of us took a walk to a gorgeous spot outside with stunning views and my friend and I sat down facing her. She asked us what brought us to see her that day and we both shared our stories.

"Deva is the real deal. She was able to help me start on the journey of my emotional and spiritual healing process from a long medical ordeal. I left the experience with a deep sense of calm. She helped me make a breakthrough in releasing a lot of anxiety that I'd been holding onto for a very long time. I wish I could go back and continue working with her every week! She is incredibly talented." ~ Harriet

Deva offers FREE online classes, click HERE to view and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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