Way of the Sacred Events & Retreats 2020


Way of the Sacred is a teaching and performance group utilizing sacred ceremony, traditional world chants, original songs, sacred ceremony and exploratory activities within retreats, workshops and performances to awaken the individual to their innate wisdom, power and true nature of Love. 

Every Thursday at Lacuna Kava Bar:


The Temple of Light 

Lacuna Kava Bar, Sedona

  • 1st Thursday

    • Mantra Circle

  • 2nd Thursday 

    • Light Language Sonic Activation 

  • 3rd Thursday

    • Invoking the Goddess

  • 4th Thursday 

    • New Earth Convergence Ceremony 

September 12 at 7:30pm
Light Language Album Launch &

Sonic Activation Experience

Sun Moon Studio of Sedona

2050 Yavapai Dr. Suite 3A

Donation: $22. Optional

October 22 - 25, 2021

Venus Rising Retreat
An Astrological & Shamanic Journey to Embody the New Divine Feminine Codes of 2022

Sedona Retreat with Deva Vidya & Raquel Spring!

Private Retreats and Day Sessions
Available in Sedona



FREE Online Priestess Workshop

Late Summer 2021

With Deva Vidya & Tanjilia Islam

Express your interest by submitting a form HERE

Make sure to add that you are interested in the Priestess Program.



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