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Events & Retreats 2023














1212 Portal

December 12, 2023 at 6:30pm

High Vibe Collective, Sedona, Az


Join Deva, Raquel Spring, Tanjila and Charley as we enter into the powerful 1212 Portal, where you will experience:


*Sacred Ceremony connecting with our Cosmic, Multidimensional and Spiritual Guides and Allies.


*Invocation and Meditation to Ignite Your Power Christ Avatar Divine Power Centers with Tanjila and Charley


*Raquel Spring offers Astrological highlights and dates to help you get perspective to boldly step into 2024 and Align Your Soul's Purpose in the Global Awakening.


*Journey into the 1212 Portal with Deva Sophia Grace, where you will receive Coded Activation with Light Language Transmission and Pure Crystalline Sonic Vibrations of the Crystal Bowls.



















Way of the Sacred Feminine, Goddess Empowerment  Day Retreat

October 14th, 2023


Enter into the temple of the Sacred Feminine where we will dive into experiences to awaken our innate Divine Feminine gifts, sensuality, wisdom and empowerment. 


You will be welcomed into a beautiful, luxury house complete with pool, hot tub and healing room. Upon arrival you be offered the sacred elixir of Blue Lotus tea. We then will gather together in a Cacao Opening Ceremony and Sharing Circle. 


The day continues with Visualization Meditation into the Goddess Temple and Shamanic Journey to guide you to meet your Goddess Self and remember your innate divine gifts. 


After a nice, long integration break to indulge in the pool and hot tub, we resume with a Sound Healing infused with channeled Light Language Soul Activation, then Automatic Writing and Journaling and finishing with Self-Love/Care Massage.


You will be served sumptuous, savories to delight and indulge the senses; Light Lunch, Mediterranean Dinner and blind folded desert to experience the totality of bliss!


We complete the day with a Goddess Initiation and Sensual Ecstatic Goddess Dance Celebration!


This is a day to cherish and remember! We are excited to share it with you!!!








Learn Light Language with Deva

July 3rd - Aug 21th, 2023
Mondays on Zoom


Join Deva Sophia Grace and tap into your innate ability

 to speak, sing and write Light language in this 8 week on-line course.

This going to be a fun and profound learning experience! 











Awaken the Priestess Within You

~ Online Self-Guided Program ~

Heal Old Patterns That Have Suppressed Your True Priestess Nature & Reclaim Your Innate Power and Wisdom as Priestess!





Oracle of the Mystic Jaguar

Channeled Messages, Light Language Activations, Shamanic Journeys, Sound Healings, Spiritual and Self-Empowerment Teachings and Oracle Readings on YouTube







Private Retreats and Day Sessions
Available in Sedona

Awaken the Priestess Within Online course
Oracle of the Mystic Jaguar Youtube Cchannel link
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Sacred Feminine Day Retreat in Cave Creek, Phoenix, Arizona, Goddess Retreat,
Sedona Arizona Vortex Private Retreats
Light Language Class
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