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Hawaii Retreat Aug 10 to 15, 2023

Portal to Rebirth: Fire of Transformation


Join Deva Sophia Grace and Mirabai Moon on the Big Island of Hawaii for a powerful and transformative retreat. The Big Island, with its volcanic activity, embodies the energies of death and rebirth; expansion and growth. In this retreat, we will commune with the Hawaiian Goddess, Pele.  Through shamanic experiences, movement, ceremony and sacred music, we will dive deep into Her fiery energy, releasing and transmuting the old, and reigniting the passion and power within us to create ourselves anew.






Sedona Retreat September 18 to 21, 2023

Inner Child Healing & Self Love


Join Deva Sophia Grace in this retreat we will dive deep into our subconscious, meeting our Inner Child, learning the deep wounds that continue into your adulthood to plague you. We will address these wounds and subconscious beliefs with shamanic journey, sound healing, yoga and movement, sharing circles, fire ceremony, cord cutting and reclaiming your power through ceremony, working with the energy of the sacred land of Sedona. 









Awaken the Priestess Within You

~ Online Self-Guided Program ~

Heal Old Patterns That Have Suppressed Your True Priestess Nature & Reclaim Your Innate Power and Wisdom as Priestess!





Oracle of the Mystic Jaguar

Channeled Messages, Light Language Activations, Shamanic Journeys, Sound Healings, Spiritual and Self-Empowerment Teachings and Oracle Readings on YouTube








Private Retreats and Day Sessions
Available in Sedona

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