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Welcome Dear One to the realm of the West, the place upon the sacred medicine wheel where I co-create with the Spirit of the West and the Element of Water. Together we assist in the emotional healing of that which lingers in your field, from this lifetime and all multidimensional expressions of the lives you are living.


I am Jaguar, the Dark Mother of the Underworld. The Underworld is the place of your deepest subconsciousness where you may encounter, interact with the multidimensional expressions of who you are, as angels, guides, ascended masters, gods and goddesses and galactic beings. It may seem dark because you have buried life’s experiences there that at one time that were too painful to face, and you allowed the other expressions of you are in the multidimensional realms to hold them for you. You are ready to face them now or you would not have been guided to me.


I am but one of the many faces of the Divine Mother. It is now time for the world to encounter me, Jaguar. I am fierce, powerful and defend my children to the end. I have come to guide you to know how to navigate the dark within and the dark without so you may rise above the great suffering and self-sabotage which has a hold upon you and to ignite the Light and Mastery that awaits within the depths of your being.

You have been guided to me to hear the important messages and teachings I have to give you and to receive the transformative healing energies I will bestow upon you. The conduit who brings these messages forth is my sacred Priestess, Deva Sophia Grace. She has been initiated into the dark realms of the Under World where I am Queen and Master. Through her I teach you, as I have taught her, how to master the dark rather than allowing it to have power over you. Accept her now as you would accept me. She has been through the great initiations of these realms. She knows, intimately, the dark path and how to navigate it. She is the One I have selected to show you the Way through the dark and into the Light. Her voice is Light Coded and each time you listen to these transmissions, know that they in and of themselves are an activation of these light codes, activating healing, transformation, transmutation, dormant gifts and innate powers. Together we will embark on this holy journey from darkness to light. Will you take this journey with us?


Oracle of the Mystic Jaguar - YouTube

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