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Awaken, Priestess! 

Intensive Training & Program

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Priestess Program

We were born into a world of false paradigms and belief systems that blinded us to our true potential and power. In this weekend intensive we release old energy, awakening the Divine Feminine energy within. As we stand in our power, centered in self-love and acceptance, we remember the Divine Goddesses we are!


In-person 3 day program available.

See program offerings below.

Contact Deva Vidya to book this program for your group.

Opening Fire Ceremony: Healing with the Directions ~ We will invite the Seven Sacred Directions, welcoming the corresponding Elements and Animal Guides to assist our weekend together. Energy is raised with drumming, rattles and Sacred Song. At each cardinal direction, East, South, West and North, we offer our prayers for healing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The evening will conclude with a drum circle and singing sacred songs together.



Sharing Circle ~ We come together in the sacred circle, sharing energy that creates a safe container for all participants, to open up with vulnerability and trust. In this way a bond with the group is created while any blocks that may inhibit full participation can be released. In this circle, each priestess can feel free to express herself with vulnerability, knowing it is safe to do so with the support, inspiration and encouragement of her sacred sisters.



Medicine Drum Keepers ~ Drumming is a women’s birthright connecting our sacred circle of sisterhood through primal rhythms. The drum represents the universal heartbeat of Mother Earth, the universal goddess and mother to us all.  As we play primal rhythms on our frame drum, we experience the resonance of the drum and how it can heal and empower through transcending the mind. (Bring your own medicine/frame drum or one will be provided).



Sacred Song, Rhythm and Movement ~ With live music and primal rhythms, we will move our bodies in sensual and powerful movements that invoke our goddess nature while shedding old energies that inhibit our authentic Priestess Power. Within in this practice we will drum and raise our voices in song, connecting with the Sacred Feminine within ourselves and our sisters.



Shamanic Journey ~ An ancient practice that will lead you into other realms where you will meet your Spirit Guides and come face to face with the Divine Feminine and your own Priestess Self. Here you may receive guidance and messages; clearing, empowering and healing; divine gifts and other magical experiences. This practice is intended to awaken the Goddess within while activating your innate power and wisdom.



Ecstatic Trance Dance ~ Primal drum resonates through our bodies and we are invited to allow these primal rhythms to move them. Beneath the darkness of our blind folds, shielded from the 3d world, new worlds open, as we look through the eyes of the heart. Allowing ourselves to surrender to the darkness and beat, our bodies move spontaneously, wildly and freely. In these movements of ecstasy, we enter into the shamanic realms where we may encounter visions, messages and wisdom. We have the opportunity to shed old energies and open to Divine gifts. We may shape-shift, feeling as if we entered into an animal’s body, feeling its power and medicine. Dancing in this way is a powerful and profound experience.

Sound Healing and Visualization ~ Sacred instruments and voices wash over you as you surrender into the comfort of Earth Mother’s arms. These sonic vibrations, infused with Reiki, take you into a deep relaxation where you can access whatever healing you need. A guided visualization assists the vibration of sound, strengthening the healing process.



Journaling and Sharing ~ When we recapitulate our experiences, we find more wisdom in them. Writing in our journals offers us this as well as a chance to process our experiences, extracting important lessons and revelations. In addition, it provides us with documentation for later review and processing. Sharing with our Sacred Sisters in circle strengthens the experience even more as you are witnessed and validated, at the same time, giving our sisters wisdom from our experiences.



Sacred Song and Prayer ~ Speaking and singing words with devotion and divine intent are powerful ways to invoke the Sacred Feminine and raise our vibrational energy. We gather in circle, offering prayer, ancient chants and original songs, uniting as One Spirit and One Voice.



Creating Sacred Circle ~ Sitting in circle we will discuss what it means to be Priestess; how the Feminine energy has been suppressed and how we can reclaim it; belief systems and old paradigms that hold us back and stepping into our power and role as Priestess.

Opening Your Voice; Healing the Throat Chakra ~ Clear communication and speaking our truth begins with opening our voice and feeling the resonance of sacred sounds while allowing them to tone and balance our throat chakra. When we speak, centered in authenticity, we can express ourselves and be heard from a  place of self-empowerment. Awaken your true voice using primal sounds, mantra and breath-work.



Shiva~Shakti: Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine ~ We will participate in a deep and profound exercise that will assist in accessing the Divine as Masculine and Feminine energies, finding this balance within ourselves. The Hindu deity archetypes, Shiva and Shakti, teach us the primal essence of these energies; summoning up our primal, wild nature while learning to ground in our own truth and hold space with compassion.



Connecting with your Higher Self; Tuning into your Intuition and Learning to Read the Tarot ~ In this segment we will dive into our connection with our Higher Self, learning to listen and receive its guidance and wisdom. We will learn how to tune into our innate gift of intuition and use this intuition to receive guidance, messages and understanding from the Tarot Cards. You may bring your own Tarot Cards (not Oracle Cards) or you may use the cards provided.

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