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Way of the Sacred Workshop Descriptions

Way of the Sacred Feminine 

Awaken the Divine Feminine while healing the wounded masculine, within ourselves and the Collective Consciousness. 
A circle of sacred connection that provides a safe container to share thoughts, questions and visions while receiving and giving wisdom, healing and support. Primal movements that awaken the dormant kundalini energy reconnecting us with our own primal nature and the Earths' resonance.
Raising our voices in sacred song, we dive deep into ceremony releasing what no longer serves while healing and manifesting our dreams. Receive channeled messages and Light Language Activation. 

Awaken The Healer Within

Learn to balance and re-align the subtle energetic bodies while cleansing and clearing the aura. It awakens the Pranic energy within the participant to heal themselves as well as others and the planet. This workshop includes: Visualization and examination of the subtle and physical bodies to assess the state of the energetic bodies. Core seed sounds (Bija Mantras), hand mudras, toning sounds and breath-work to balance and heal the energetic centers (Chakras). Activate the Pranic life force energy in the participant’s hands, cleansing and healing themselves with a “Pranic Bath.” Activate the chakras, relieve tension and facilitate healing while moving Prana through the energy channels.


Shamanic Journey

Be lead into a deep relaxed state with sacred instruments. Once you have entered into a theta state, you will be guided into the shamanic realms where you will meet your Spirit Guide. Your Spirit Guide will be your ally & companion leading you to your own sacred space where you can heal old wounds & traumas. You may also speak to your Higher Self here & other Divine Allies, seeking spiritual guidance & receiving messages. In this place you may inquire & learn about your sacred mission in this lifetime, your dormant gifts & how to reclaim them, how to step into your power & create the life you desire & deserve! 


Sacred Song Medicine

Enjoy a musical experience being lead into the depths of gratitude and reverence with sacred ceremony, meditative visualization, ecstatic movement intertwined with their original music that reminds us of our sacred connection to all creation. The tribal rhythms and message of Way of the Sacred's lyrics moves the listener into a deeper understanding that all things are sacred and connected.


Embodied Spirit Yoga & Movement

Experience an ecstatic yoga flow accompanied by LIVE tribal sounds. Feel connection your Higher Self with primal movements that ground, center and awaken the elements of nature within you. Open your 5th Chakra, with song that invokes a sense of devotion and empowerment, revealing our sacred connection to our Earth Mother. 

Way of the Sacred Feather

Feathers are held in reverence in many Native cultures. They hold the vibration and energy of the bird it came from. Each bird carries different “medicine” and their feathers can be used to gain the benefits of this energy. You will learn about the “medicine” of different feathers and learn how to use them in clearing, healing and ceremony. You will experience feathers of different birds first hand and learn their message. You will also learn how to use feathers in your own spiritual practice as well as how to use them to heal others. It is a powerful addition to any healing modality. In addition, each person will learn how to activate and wrap their own feather, creating a “smudge wand,” leaving with a new sacred tool.

Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

Ceremony weaved with prayer and sacred song infuse the cacao with our intentions of love and compassion. Drinking the cacao while visualizing it filling our bodies with soft, gentle, healing energy connects us to our heart center and self love. Your heart opens and fills with love and bliss, connecting with the divine essence of your higher self. Because of cacao’s ability to increase your connection to your Higher Self and Heart Chakra, it aids in any transformational shift you are working towards. Discover how sacred cacao, infused with sacred music & ceremony, powerfully opens the heart and paves the way to transformation through self-love.

Balancing The Chakras  and Subtle Bodies 

Discover how you can use your own voice to create a sense of peace, self-awareness, stress reduction, self-esteem, and relaxation. You will balance each energy center (chakra) of the body by using core seed sounds, toning, mudras, and breath work. Use these sound vibrations to access the prana (life force energy) and facilitate healing. Activate each chakra while releasing tension and facilitating the movement of prana through the energy channels of the body. 

Multidimensional Sound Journey & Light Language Activation

A sonic portal where Light Language Activation and Sacred Instruments raise your frequency, moving you into higher multi-dimensional realms where healing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies take place. Dive deep as you embark on a shamanic journey meeting your multidimensional selves. Within this portal, a sense of knowing and acceptance of your life purpose reveals itself. It links the wisdom of the Ancient ones to the healing technology of the future. This sonic body massage re-calibrates your energetic field by activating and balancing your chakra system while honoring oneself as a creation and tool of the Divine. The vibrational sounds of the sacred Native American rattles and drums, pure crystal bowls, vocal toning and other sacred instruments are not only heard by the ear, they resonate through out the body and into the subtle bodies and energy centers, creating balance, healing and deep relaxation. Light Language, high vibrational vocalizations, channeled by Deva, send multidimensional messages to your subconscious activating a deep remembrance of your true self, power, wisdom and innate gifts. 


Sacred Ceremonies of Sedona- At the Buddhist Stupa you will learn the heart opening chant for love & compassion, spin the prayer wheels & participate in a walking meditation. At the Native American Medicine Wheel, I will teach you about the 7 sacred directions, 4 sacred elements & Spirit Guides that preside over them. You will learn how to make prayer ties & infuse your prayers into them. In sacred ceremony,  we offer prayers to each direction for healing of the body, emotions, mind & spirit. At the White Tara Stupa, learn the blessings & healing of the Divine Mother. I will teach you her sacred mantra & her powerful mudra. We will chant in the presence of this shrine & end in silent meditation. Sedona Visitors Click HERE for info and registration. 

Sacred Ceremony- In the style of the Native American Medicine Wheel Sacred Ceremony, Deva Vidya will invoke the sacred directions, elements and spirit guides to reside over the retreat and its participants. She will lead the attendees to the sacred directions, explaining their meaning and their healing powers.  Attendees will then have the opportunity to receive healing and offer prayers. Deva will lead the attendees in sacred song medicine songs to open and close the ceremony. 

Healing Power of Crystals-In this class you will learn about the energies, metaphysical properties and healing power of crystals. You will learn how to use them to heal, clear unwanted energy and assist in many aspects of life, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. You will also learn how to program crystals with specific intentions and how to clear and reset them once you have finished using them. You will learn about a variety of different crystal and stones. I will offer guidance to which crystals will be most beneficial for your intention. *Each participant will receive their own set of crystals/stones to take home with them. 

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