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Journey to Self Mastery

Throughout this Life's journey, I have travelled many dark roads that lead to despair, confusion, fear, shock, depression, grief, sorrow and the like. In the Light Worker's vocabulary we call this the Dark Night of the Soul. On the Shamanic Path we call it the Shamanic Death or the Ego Death. My astrology chart shows that my soul has signed up for this kind of experience so that I may come into my full mastery. I have come to innerstand that these experiences have actually been predestined by our Souls so that we may shed layers of false self; belief systems and paradigms; attachments and relationships that do not resonate with the True Self. I like to refer to Snake Medicine. The Snake, when she is expanding and growing, must shed the old skin. If she were to hold on to the old, she would suffocate and die. And that is what the Dark Night is like, no? It asks us to release what no longer resonates with our Soul and our ego freaks out, wanting to hold onto the familiar, fearing the unknown. This causes the pain, the deep suffering, the feeling like life is ending, because it is. The life we once knew. It served its purpose and now there are greater things on the horizon. Yet we can not reach those great heights and take on our new roles and mission until we fully release the old. It is in the releasing that we actually learn or, rather, reclaim, our mastery. The great pain and suffering catalyzes us to go deep within and seek out healing and self-realization. From the shedding of what is no longer, we come to know the power within. We remember the truth of who we are. We begin to realize our unique gifts that we came at this epic time to share with the world. We begin to see glimpses of our Self Mastery. 

Many are facing times like these as the time is NOW to realize our unique power, wisdom and gifts, so that we may fulfill our role in the Great Shift that is fated for this planet and our Collective Consciousness. Our country, USA, is, astrologically, going through its Dark Night as it travels through its Pluto return (Death and Rebirth). So we are all facing it one way or another through the great Death our country is experiencing and, ultimately, the entire planet.

My journey through these unveilings and awakenings has led me to realize the immense power we have as HU-Mans. And that this mass Dark Night of the Soul is meant for us all to awaken to our true power as HU-Man. It has been shown to me that our power is beyond anything we can fathom with our limited egoic minds. We are all Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses... sleeping. It is time for us to awaken and remember. This is why we came at this time! Think of Neo in the Matrix. How he went from a dorky average guy to a superhero. This movie shows us truth. We have been entranced and enslaved by a program that has trapped our minds into believing that we are limited and that we must give away our freedom, power and sovereignty to outside forces. I have come to know that these are times for us to come fully into Self Reliance and Self Empowerment. This is what my last Dark Night has unveiled for me and I know that it is what all our Souls are leading us towards. 

I knew this time would come, and finally Spirit says... GO! You are ready! I am offering a retreat, kind of a Mystery School, where we find our own truth, realize our own power and gifts and Self-Initiate. 

We will explore heartbreak, in all its forms, and how this experience leads to breaking open the heart where our truth and innate wisdom live. 

We will explore the "Dark Night of the Soul" and how it is a catalyst to strip away what is not our true selves and how it leads down a fated path to innerstand who we really are, to discover our power and our true mission, and why we incarnated on this planet at this epic time in history. 

We will come to embody the superpowers of the Heart; Compassion, Grace, Oneness and Unconditional Love. 

I know that this is why I've travelled these dark paths and why I endured the deep suffering... so that I can lead others to realize what I unveiled on this journey and help you make sense out of your journey and what your Soul is expressing to you.

I hope you will consider joining me on this evolutionary Journey to Self-Mastery where we will dive very deep within the powerful energy and beauty of the sacred vortex of Sedona. 

With so much love,

Deva Sophia Grace

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