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Way of the Sacred Mystery School

Intensive Online Trainings

Tools To Navigate The Ascension

A FREE online course to help you navigate these epic times addressing Spiritual Protection, Being in the "Eye of the Storm," Releasing Dark Energy, Removing Energy/Psychic Attachments, Unplugging from the Program, Using Discernment to know what is real/truth, Claiming Sovereignty & Freedom, Creating the New Earth.

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Priestess Path Training

Training Includes:

1. Complete Priestess Awakening Program for a 13 Moon Cycle

2. Full Moon and New Moon Rituals 

3. Sacred Rites Celebrating the Turn of the Wheel 

4. Monthly Shamanic Journey, Transmission and Activation with a                 Different Goddess Each Month

5. Access to Online Course Portal; Written Material, Audio, Video

6. Learn to Speak Your Truth and Express Yourself with Compassion and Authenticity

7. Learn to Facilitate Sister Circles and Rituals

8. Connecting with your Higher Self; Tuning into your Intuitive Gifts

9. Awakening Your Healing Power

10. The Power of the Womb; Sacred Sensuality and Sexuality 

11.  Creating Sacred Space, Temple of the Goddess

12. Live Sister Circle Within a Private Facebook Group

13. Access to Medicine Music Playlist to Use in Circle

Reiki Training & Attunement

Training Includes:

  *   What is Reiki?
  *   The 3 Levels of Reiki Explained
  *   The Benefits of Reiki
  *   History of Reiki
  *   How Reiki Works
  *   The Subtle Bodies (Auric Field/Aura)
  *   The Chakras
  *   Why do we need attunements and to be taught by a Reiki Master?
  *   Reiki Channels in the Body
  *   The 5 Reiki Principles
  *  Reiki Self Treatment
      -Hand Positions for Self Treatment
  *  Preparing To Treat Others with Reiki
      -Preparing the room
      -Invoking the Tube of White Light
      -Reiki Prayer
  *  Treating Others with Reiki
     -Scanning the Aura
     -Scanning the Chakras
     -Opening the Crown Chakra
     -Hand Positions for Treating Others
     -Meaning of Sensations in Hands during Treatment
  *  Remote Reiki Level One Attunement
     -Shamanic Journey to meet your Reiki Guides
     -Receive Reiki Attunements
  *  Practice Sessions and Evaluations

  *  3 Email Q & A 
  *  Reiki Certification/Certificate

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Walking the Way  of the Sacred

Monthly segments include Video and PDFs that teach about how to live in the Way of the Sacred. 

Somethings this program will include:

  • Creating Prayer, Ritual and Ceremony

  • Building Altars and creating Sacred Space

  • Clearing Your Energy Field and Sacred Space; Various Techniques

  • Consecrating Sacred objects and Tools

  • Chakras and the Subtle Energy Bodies

  • Realign and balance your Chakras Meditation

  • How to Meditate; Various types of Meditation 

  • Guided Meditations

  • Pranayama; Sacred Breathing Exercises

  • The Power of Self Talk

  • Creating Affirmations

  • Learning how to receiving messages from your Guides and Higher Self

  • Sacred Movement

  • Sacred Relationship with Yourself

  • Sacred Relationship with Others

  • Sacred Sex

And much more...

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