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Embracing Freedom

Independence Day is on the forefront. It has me thinking about freedom and independence and what that all means to me. 13 years ago I moved from NYC to Lehigh Valley, Pa...One day I drove past the PA sign saying "Pennsylvania welcomes you...THE STATE OF INDEPENDENCE! I laughed to myself and thought, well I guess, that is what brought me to Pa... the lesson of independence.

Since then it has been a long journey releasing long held beliefs, relationships and situations that I thought kept me safe. The letting go process came with resistance that led to struggle. Each time I let go, it got a little easier. I loosened my grip and the struggle lessened.

In October, I sold or gave away most of my possessions, released my clients of 7 years, left my house to my ex-husband and headed across country in an RV with Sharon. There was no real destination. I had no idea where I would wind up, nor do I know now!

The first three weeks were the most difficult. Although my spirit prompted me to do this, my ego was in resistance. I cried for 3 weeks, feeling the past pulling me. Attachment, fear, guilt, insecurity, regret, all tried to take over what was to be one of the most joyful experiences of my lifetime.

The further away from Pa. I traveled, the more free I felt. I started to trust the current of life and ease into the flow of the universe. When I did this, amazing synchronicities occurred. People and situations showed up to support me in my endeavors like I could never have imagined.

I soon learned that I am fully supported by the universe and the only thing that held me back in living free was my mind; the beliefs and programs that were instilled in me since childhood that told me I needed to be grounded in a house, work a regular job with a steady income, and not to question that model or move outside of that box.

From this adventure, I learn that freedom is a state of mind. It occurs when you release the fear based thought systems of "safety and security" and allow your inner guidance to lead. To tap into your true purpose and mission here on planet Earth and let that drive you, knowing fully that you are always safe, nurtured, cared for and loved. This has allowed me to be free and celebrate my independence as a sovereign being on a loving planet that asks nothing from me but to embrace that freedom.

I encourage you to look at ways you can "Free Your Mind" from the programs instilled in us and find your independence. Your journey may be very different then mine, but I know that it will lead you to a place of self love and joy.

Be FREE, Love Yourself and Your Life! Blessed Indepenence Day!

With so much love,

Deva Vidya

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